About me

Hey there!

First of all, thank you very much for checking out my blog.

It’s been a long time coming. I chose to start a blog simply because I want to share my thoughts, experiences and all the bits in between! As a believer of Christ, I put it to prayer and I’ve put it off for a while but here it is. The world today is a scary place, so much going on around us and the number of people suffering from mental illness, depression is so real and a lot people do not acknowledge it. Anyway let me keep it short and snappy, I hope this blog can be one that inspires, uplifts, encourages people.

Why Pursuit of Purpose? I do believe we all have a purpose here on earth. Some people know their purpose, and if you’re like me then you’re probably still figuring it out. One thing I’m sure about is that it involves helping others! The joy that comes with putting a smile on another persons face is simply indescribable. I’m hoping to reach out to others and also learn from others too! I will be blogging about everything and anything, relationship with God, raising mental awareness, education, pro-black, advice, fear, illness, finances, friendships, relationships, death, health, natural hair, peace, water -I did say everything and anything! :). Please do comment, I’d love to know your thoughts too!

  • I am wonderfully and fearfully made, daughter of the Most High.
  • I’m a Londoner, Nigerian at heart though
  • Researcher, Cancer studies
  • BSc, MSc
  • Early 20’s
  • Open-minded

….so much for short and snappy ey

God Bless x