We all need a friend like this…

These days people place soooo much focus on the negative friendships and not the great friendships. Sometimes we’re so focused on whats going wrong in our lives that we forget to acknowledge and appreciate what is going well in our lives!

Sometimes you can’t find the right words to depict your precise feelings. But I think the best word to describe this type of friend is SELFLESS.

They’re always there, they always show up! AND they do it without expecting anything in return, never make a big fuss about it. Go to great lengths for others, greater lengths than they go for themselves! To me that’s simply PHENOMENAL!! Their efforts often go unnoticed but today I am acknowledging my awesome friend Cyra!

We all have one of those friends that we don’t speak to everyday but when we do nothings changed. Someone you can talk to about absolutely everything and anything and expect no judgment from. Someone you can trust with anything! There is something about being reliable! Reliability is KEY. A friends who’s yes is YES. A friend who says I’ll be there, and no matter what, come rain or snow they are there! (maybe late) but nonetheless they are there! Lol. When people say they can count their friends on one hand, they are referring to these types of people. When people talk about REAL friends this is what they mean.

I am extremely appreciative of a friend like this. And if you are one of those friends then know that you are appreciated! Keep it up and God will reward you bountifully. I can only hope I have been at least half the friend you have been to me.

This blog post was inspired by and dedicated to a very special person: Baby Cee, formally known as Cyra. Happy 24th Birthday! Love you always..xo



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