“My Friends, Family & Circle DON’T support me!!!”


I think it is very sad that many people experience more support from strangers than their friends or family. It is very unfortunate that your circle don’t start to support you until they see you doing well, or they see others supporting you. I certainly understand it is very common, sad and disappointing. But I can’t be the only one sick of hearing and seeing people post day-in-day-out about the lack of support from those around them. I don’t think there is any other way to stress the importance of this, other than to just say it in black and white, plain and simple.

After that deep moment of realization and heartbreak, take note, be sad for a moment if you want, question why but after this build a bridge and get over it! There are sooo many examples of successful people who achieved their goals and dreams with the support of only strangers. People who were mocked and laughed at by their friends and family, saying they would never make it and their ideas are stupid. A good example is Jeff Lestz, I went to his event yesterday called “Financial Freedom“. Jeff who was once a homeless orphan spoke about telling his peers, friends and family that he wants to be a millionaire and they laughed at him. Needless to say, a few years later he became a debt-free millionaire. He did not sit around whining and complaining, he used that time to work on his dreams.

This brings me on to my next point. When you complain about support, you often get FORCED and FAKE support. Then these people feel entitled to chop or claim you once you’ve made it. I don’t know about you but I’d rather receive genuine support or no support at all. A question that is often conveniently forgotten: What are YOU doing to support others? Take a moment, let it sit and really think about it. Even the Bible says to do unto others how you would like done to you. We all have dreams and goals, our generation has become more ambitious over the years (love it!). Are you a supportive person? Do you support when there is nothing in it for you? Are you someone that asks for “family” discounts or free entry into your friends event? (pet peeve) but would pay £100 to see Drake or Beyonce in concert (When Bey makes her money, do you chop)?. How is a persons business going to grow if they are giving discount left right and center before making large profits?

It doesn’t take much to support someone, these days you can just screenshot and re-post, or forward on their sales and adverts. So if they don’t, they simply don’t want to. And sometimes its not even that, it is your dream and goal for a purpose. Not everyone can see the vision you see. Do yourself a favour and just focus on those supporting you!


Shout out to my amazing support system, you are all much appreciated. I’m blessed and grateful to have your support.

Final nuggets:

It is in LABOUR that there is profit, not in TALKING. Stop talking too much and just put in the work.

Do you, shine, support even when they don’t support you! Do what is right always and God will honour you!

Peace & Love


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