5 Reasons why you MUST keep pushing past your doubts and fears

1. You dreams are somewhat in line with your purpose. Everyone is unique and has their own purpose in life, so if you are unable to fulfill yours, nobody else in the world can fill that void you will leave.

2. Once you achieve your goal, you will see how artificial the doubts and fears were- its all FAKE. Doubt is defined as a feeling of uncertainty. Where do feelings come from?- Debatable (another post for another day lol). One thing I can say though is its linked to our subconscious mind. What we need to understand is that doubts and fears come with decisions and moves. Its often part of the package and its up to YOU to remove whatever you do not want. So if its fears- confront the fear! And if its a doubt find the root of the doubt and deal with it! I believe doubts and fears are artificial because more often than not, when you ignore them and push through you later realise there was no need for them! At the end of the day, the bigger the risk you’re taking the more doubt and fear comes, and at the same time the bigger the risk the bigger the triumph and victory- if and when it works out well. If it doesn’t work out well that’s something you can proudly tick off and say you tried and not ponder on ‘what ifs‘!

3. There are people praying and rooting for you. For me, my mother is my biggest supporter and prayer warrior (after myself)- quick sidenote– I have learnt over the years to be my own prayer warrior (back in the days I used to think being prayed for by people like my pastor for example would certainly produce results over praying for myself, but I thank God for the revelation that my prayers can yield results too, no-one can pray better for you than yourself. Your own faith unlocks the answers to your prayers and blessings)- blog post on this pending! I say all that to say- people are praying for you, and while you shouldn’t live your lives for others its important to acknowledge peoples support for you at the same time.

4. You are a conqueror. YOU can do it. Yes you can. YOU can achieve it. YOU can do anything you put your mind to.

5. You owe it to yourself to achieve your dreams. I’m not sure why this is, but we are biggest critic. Everyone deserves to have a moment or moments in life where they can pat themselves on the back with pride, and say “Go me, I did that!”lol. Most people complain about lack of support from people around them, but for some of us we are the supporters and sometimes we can fall into the grace of supporting others more than we support ourselves. I call it grace because it takes the grace of God to do so. At times it can be overwhelming but nonetheless personally speaking, one of the best feelings in the world comes from putting a smile on someone else’s face. The act of selflessness is something I am still learning and developing but one thing I have learnt on this journey is that sometimes you feel your attention is taken up and you’re leaving yourself behind. Even though in hindsight that really isn’t the case! – God is looking out for you in ways you couldn’t possibly look out for yourself. But I say all that to say- with whatever you do for others, big or small, you owe it to yourself to achieve your dreams too! When that time is up, and you’re moments from taking your last breath on earth, you want to be able to reflect on life and be glad you went for your dreams!

No matter the goal, big or small go for it! Don’t wait for tomorrow as it may be too late. Why put off till tomorrow something you can do today?! You got this!

All the very best!


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