Nia-Cerise Conteh, UK

This is such a beautiful testimony. Had to re-blog! May God continue to guide you through this journey and I pray that wisdom, knowledge and understanding with the favour of God follows you to each and every single lecture, exam, library session, revision and oral presentation in Jesus name! It is well with this new beginning. You shall celebrate your wonderful degree by Gods grace, your graduation will be so sweet! Blessings and love xo


Dear Jesus,

I’ve been failing university for the past two years now as You know. Drowning at the tail of my class whilst reading that I should be soaring at the head in Your Word. With each exam that I sat and failed I questioned Your whereabouts. How was it that there was an overflow of revelations and communication from You in every other aspect of my life and complete silence from Your part when I spoke to You about my degree? Third after third after third and the odd 2:2 here and there, I remembered how I had never even consulted You about this course let alone cared for Your opinion in the first place. We had no relationship prior to university and these were the consequences I now faced. And yet, I realised later on that You hadn’t been silent, You just weren’t providing the answer that I…

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