Thoughts on Feminism?

75% of readers on the blog post ‘Struggling with contentment…why can’t I be satisfied?‘ voted for the next blog post to be my thoughts on Feminism, so here it is. Will keep this short, if I were to say all my thoughts it would be a very long read!

I do feel that ‘beliefs’ and ‘movements’ start of as one thing and end up in several different versions. Similar to Christianity where there are different dominations, I have noticed that there are different classes of feminists. There is this ideology that feminists are women, angry women that hate men. Some are and do, but from what I have read thats not the case with all feminists and is mainly associated with radical feminists. In reality, not all women are feminists and not all feminists are women. There are some male feminists too.

I do agree with certain aspects, I am totally against discrimination of any kind. You should not be in a better or worse of position because of your gender, sex, skin colour, religious beliefs and etc. I do believe in equal pay, if I am working the exact same role as a man why should I get paid less? I do believe in equal rights to vote and etc. I share the same beliefs as some feminists and totally disagree with other feminists. While I do not totally agree with feminism, at least from my understanding of the movement, I am not against feminists. 

However, I am against gender supremacy- does that class me as feminist? I would not class myself as a feminists because from what I have understood on feminism, it seems to be generally one-sided and not completely grounded on ‘equality’. I am yet to see feminists also highlighting cases where women are privileged, for example, there is no questioning of why women get sentenced to less time than men for the exact same crime. Society is messed up for both genders, and if we are not careful eventually the script may be flipped, unintentionally, and we end up with more cases where women are more privileged than men. There has always been inequality in the world which is really sad and its artificial barriers that have always divided humanity. I support any movement that works to close the gap, rather than changing the direction which will result in the oppression of men.

At the end of the day, I believe there is a reason why we are different, why women are women and men are men. We cannot be equal on certain things, nature just does not permit that. With that all said, everyone has a right to believe what they want to believe and we should respect everyones that regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free, male nor female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus” (Galatians 3:28).

What are your thoughts on feminism? Do you agree/disagree? Comment! I’d love to hear your thoughts.





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