We all need a friend like this…

These days people place soooo much focus on the negative friendships and not the great friendships. Sometimes we’re so focused on whats going wrong in our lives that we forget to acknowledge and appreciate what is going well in our lives! Sometimes you can’t find the right words to depict your precise feelings. But I … More We all need a friend like this…


“My Friends, Family & Circle DON’T support me!!!”

I think it is very sad that many people experience more support from strangers than their friends or family. It is very unfortunate that your circle don’t start to support you until they see you doing well, or they see others supporting you. I certainly understand it is very common, sad and disappointing. But I can’t be … More “My Friends, Family & Circle DON’T support me!!!”

5 Reasons why you MUST keep pushing past your doubts and fears

1. You dreams are somewhat in line with your purpose. Everyone is unique and has their own purpose in life, so if you are unable to fulfill yours, nobody else in the world can fill that void you will leave. 2. Once you achieve your goal, you will see how artificial the doubts and fears were- its … More 5 Reasons why you MUST keep pushing past your doubts and fears

Where have I been?

Thank you to those who followed and stayed following despite no new content in the last few months. Life has been pretty…LIFE lol😁. I will share more overtime, do stay connected. Moving forward, I will be posting more regularly and look forward to hearing your opinions. I have also incorporated a Q&A tab on the blog, please … More Where have I been?

Nia-Cerise Conteh, UK

Originally posted on SANDRA ADEYEMI:
Dear Jesus, I’ve been failing university for the past two years now as You know. Drowning at the tail of my class whilst reading that I should be soaring at the head in Your Word. With each exam that I sat and failed I questioned Your whereabouts. How was it…